Trifles and Parfaits

Last two weeks, I watched a movie titled “Love’s Kitchen” starred by Dougray Scott and Claire Forlani. The story was about a Chef who was at the top of the rank and suddenly lost it because he lost his wife. He then met with a food critic and together they venture into the journey of love and created the utmost delicious food menu and draws the restaurant to a road of success. One of the most attractive food was the ‘Trifle”. So with the inspirations, I went on and search about how to make a trifle and parfaits.

You must be curious about the differences between trifle and parfaits. Well, I did search online and was told that trifle is with cakes as one of the ingredients and parfaits does not include cakes.

Here are some of my creations;

These are Strawberries Trifle

These are Chocolate Cherries Trifle

I will put down some of the key ingredients recipes here. But if you do not want to homemade them, you can always buy them off the shelves from the stores.

Trifle is actually a layered dessert. You can use any of your favourites to make them likes pound cakes, swiss roll, fruits, cookies or biscuits, custards cream or puddings and whipped cream (self whisk or off the shelves in canned) as long as the taste matched. Usually we put them in glassware whether is cup or trifle bowl so that the layered can be seen. It is actually quite beautiful.

The steps of putting them together…

Step 1 – Cut the cakes in shapes using cookies cutter or in cubes and placed them into the glass cup or bowl base. They should be filled up at the bottom. Usually pound cake or swiss roll will be used.

Step 2 – Pour the sauce. You can pour in the sauce and enough to soak the cake.

Step 3 – Place the fruits in. The fruits of your choice whether is strawberries, cherries, raspberries, blueberries or some other fruits of your favorites.

Step 4 – Put in the custard sauce or puddings.

Step 5 – Cover the custard sauce or puddings with whipped cream.

If the glass or bowl is taller for one layer, you can repeat the layer from step 1 again.

After you have done your layer, you can decorate them with fruits or sauce or crushed cookies/biscuits for decoration.

Here are the cakes I cut into stars using cooking cutter. If you don’t want to bake them, you can always buy them off the shelves.

Some fruits that I buy for the trifle making…

Strawberry Sauce Recipe

1 cup of strawberries, cup the top and put them in the pan.
2 -3 tbsp sugar
A splash of Balsamic Vinegar. If you do not want to add vinegar, you can skip this.
3-4 tbsp water

Cook them in medium heat and slow cook for about 15 mins.

1 tsp of corn starch mixed with 2 tbsp cold water then slowly pour into the pan to thicken the sauce

Bring to boil and the sauce starts to thicken, turn off the heat.

Pour them into blender and blend. You can use a sift to filter the strawberry seeds if you wish.

If you noticed the sauce will become fairer but it will turn back to darker colour once it is cool down.

That’s it for homemade strawberry sauce.

Custard Sauce Recipe

2 cups of Milk

1/2 cup of Sugar

3 large Eggs and 1 large Egg Yolk

1 tsp Vanilla Essence

For custard sauce making, you need to use the method of double boiling. Double boiling means you boil them over a pan of water with your bowl above the water.

Pour 1 cup of milk into bowl and double boil in medium low heat.

Another 1 cup of milk mixed with the rest of the ingredient except for vanilla essence then slowly pour into the heating milk. Remember to keep stirring while pouring in to avoid the eggs being cooked too fast.

Then while still stirring, pour in the vanilla essence and continue to stir till the sauce thickens. Turn off the heat and use the food plastic to cover the bowl then put in the fridge over night. This has to be prepare earlier if you want to homemade.

The Whipped Cream

1 pkt of 200ml Whipping Cream
2 tbsp Powdered Sugar/Icing Sugar
1 tsp of Vanilla Essence
You will need to chill you mixing bowl and whisk in the fridge for several hours or freezer for at least half an hour. The trick is the tools you used has to be chilled.

Pour everything into mixing bowl, starts with the lowest speed. Gradually turn to medium speed, you will noticed the whipped cream starts to get thicker. Continue to whipped till the highest peak. Highest peak means the cream is stiff and when you over turn the bowl, it will not drop.

You can use immediately or keep in the fridge. If the whipped cream starts to fall back, you can always whipped them again. Remember to chill you tools first.

I do make some of the trifles and keep them in containers for later not necessary all has to be in the glass and store in the fridge. You can get this beautful containers from Tesco for quite reasonable price.

As for the chocolate moist cake I used in the chocolate cherries trifle, I bought one of this packet from Bake with Yen. All you need to do is follow the instructions and add in the ingredients required.

So that’s it, all the key ingredient I have put down and I hope you will enjoy the trifle making and eat them with your loved ones.

Enjoy! Me and my family enjoyed them very much! Indeed is a dessert filled with happiness and loves!


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